My low impact travel toiletry bag

My low impact travel toiletry bag

Hey mate! I wanted to talk to you a bit about beauty, to chat about trivialities that were not so trivial in the end. When you go on a trip, whether it’s a short vacation or a slightly longer trip, you will necessarily take a toiletry bag with you. For me anyway, that’s for sure. But since in my daily life, I try to reduce waste as much as possible, I told myself that it would be good to think of this aspect when I go out on the road. 

My own journey 

To be perfectly transparent with you, my desire to be more respectful of the environment and to limit my consumption was not an epiphany overnight or else I was not born with it. Ecology is a topic that, over the years and with a lot of research, has gradually become crucial in my life. It’s one of MY priorities. However, I will not judge anyone who does not have the same priorities as I do. Each to his own priorities, each to his own battles. 

The criteria to assemble your kit 

I would say you have to first consider where you are going. In all honesty, I don’t care how much time I spend there, my toilet bag will pretty much be same. On the other hand, depending on whether you go – temperate, rather cold or tropical place – the needs of your skin will be drastically different. 

I also need a maximum of organic products, respectful of the environment. This will for example influence the choice of my sunscreen which must imperatively respect the marine environment. 

I also try to avoid packaging as much as possible. You will see for example “second-hand”packaging or solid products

Though, I would like to give you a piece of advice if you allow me: do not sulk the objects that you already have! Look at the photo that illustrates this article. In point 9, I have a plastic toothbrush, which is the least ecological in the world. It was in my closet. There, waiting for me to use it. So, I do it without thinking twice. It would be a shame to buy an eco-responsible bamboo toothbrush and throw away that one, right? Such a waste! 

How did I choose what to take? 

For this toiletry bag, I only left for 10 days, in a Mediterranean climate during summer. So I had to choose what to protect my skin and moisturize it after the day is over (4, 7 and 14). 

I also knew that my period would arrive on the weekend. So I needed hygienic protections (10) but also to think about my pill (19). For the time being, a tablet will perfectly cover the whole trip. 

My day and night creams are homemade. I can adapt them depending on the season. The difference in climate is not drastic (I live in the Netherlands, also in summer at this time with an oceanic climate), I did not have to redo them. For 10 days, these little jars would do the trick. 

For teeth, I normally use an electric toothbrush on the advice of my dentist. Since it is not absolutely practical on the move, I took a simple manual brush that would work very well during the trip. 

The rest is more or less what I use everyday. 

The description of my perfect kit 

List of all cosmetics and products I take with me

Remember, this kit is made for 10 days, in summer, by the sea, in a Mediterranean climate. Here is what it is made of: 

1 – These covers are absolutely adorable! I found them on the website (FR), a natural and zero waste site which is now essential for me. And the business is run by a person from the French department Essonne, where my mom lives! They allow you to carry solid soaps and shampoos everywhere with you. I’m pretty sure you can research similar things on the internet, even outside of France. 

2 – Solid soap also found on the Zoessentiels website (FR). Its composition is superb, very clean, with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender flowers and essential oils of Lavender and Lavandin. Essential oil doesn’t go to everyone, but it works great on me so why deprive me of it. Be careful though, who says concentrated says that it should not be abused!

Extraction of essential oil is very resource intensive and the effects are very powerful. Obviously, the product is organic, cold saponified, from fair trade and all that is good for the soul and the planet. This soap, I chose it because it perfectly met my need for hydration and lavender is known for its soothing properties so my skin would need it with the sun, the wind and sea salt. 

3 – Still solid, but this time for my hair, I chose the Umaï solid shampoo (EN) Real revelation for me, I have supported them since their fundraising last year. Their ingredients are im-pe-cables! Their impact on the environment is minimal and even packaging can be used to make basic grow. 

4 – My shea butter Aroma-zone (FR) like never absolutely leaves me. I use it to moisturize the skin on my chest or the extremely dry areas of my body. In addition to being extremely hydrating and restorative, it would prolong the tan! 

5 – My day and night creams are in Lush sample jars. When I went there, I always took samples and kept the little boxes. They are perfect for containing my creams. Both are made from Aroma-zone’s face and body cream. I add 

for day cream: 

  • Aloe vera gel (yes, even more!) That I extract myself from the plant 
  • A few drops of tea tree essential oil. My skin tends to bud from time to time. 
  • Vitamin E for conservation 

for the night cream: 

  • Black cumin oil for its nourishing and regenerating properties 
  • Vitamin E for conservation 

6 – A hair brush that matches my type of hair. 

7 – A sunscreen that has correct ingredients, respectful of the marine environment for the moment when I go swimming in the Mediterranean, I set my sights on the Acorelle brand. To be honest, I was trying to make my own and tested it in the summer in Australia. Bad idea. Very bad. So I found an Acorelle cream (EN)]. But since I’m a bit silly, I took it tinted. An idiot, I tell you. 

8 – Reusable cleansing cotton. It can still be used. On the other hand, I do not know at all where I had found them! 

9 – This toothbrush comes to me from my dentist. I had it in my cupboards and didn’t want to throw it away because it could still be used. Guess what, it served! It’s a shame to throw things away because they’re not environmentally friendly. Indeed, this idea goes completely against anti-waste and ecology. You might as well use the toothbrush, even in plastic, and be more careful next time! The pouch, on the other hand, comes from Zoessentiels (FR) like the soap pouches. A real crush on this site, I tell you! 

10 – Towels and washable panty liners that come, I’ll let you guess, from the Zoessentiels website (FR). It allows you not to have to throw my protections everywhere. Perfect, right? 

11 – There, no website link. This little pouch comes from a friend who brought it back from Peru. Mothers made them by hand and sold them to pay for school for their children. She did not hesitate! Today, this small pouch is used to carry my hair accessories like elastics, barrettes and clips. Always practical and it avoids losing everything little by little. 

12 – This roll-on contains a mixture that I made myself. It turns out that I have a kind of hormonal task which is all the more visible when I tan. Melasma. And where is it of course? In the mustache area! So I’m desperately trying to tone it down with 

  • Aloe Vera gel extracted by myself 
  • Vinegar (normally cider but there I only had pomegranate 
  • Lemon 
  • Salt 
  • Argan oil 

13 – A solid deodorant from the Pachamamai brand but coming from the Zoessentiels website (FR). You’ll end up getting used to it. 

14 – In France but maybe elsewhere too, everybody knows the Huile Prodigieuse from Nuxe (EN)? Its fragrance is emblematic! I use it to moisturize the skin of my whole body, except the chest because I am not a big fan of perfume on this area. 

15 – I made this lip balm myself. It tends to melt a little when exposed to hot weather so I’m not going to give you the composition yet. I will have to perfect it a little bit before. 

16 – If I take a shower in the morning, I always cleanse my face with a konjac sponge (EN) in the evening and the other way around. It gently cleans and leaves my skin fresh. 

17 – Recommended by my dentist so I obey: the absolutely disgusting toothpaste Parodontax 

18 – I found this reusable swab (EN) made of silicone and it perfectly replaces the cotton swabs Disposable. I love it! 

19 – The pill, my contraception choice. Be careful not to forget it! 

20 – I use this oriculi (EN) to scratch my ears by avoiding going with the finger, which can be very dangerous for the eardrum. However, I find it hard to do without a cotton swab. 

21 – Toothpicks recommended by my dentist to complete brushing. To use every day so it also comes with me. 

22 – I found this kit at Sephora 5 or 6 years ago. I haven’t been there at all since but I still have this kit. 

And before leaving, I always do a henna to protect my hair which will face more aggression than usual while having access to less care. If the process interests you, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments! 


It is extremely complex to say what could be your perfect travel kit because it depends! It depends on where you are going, how long, your needs and what matters to you. You now have an example, but it’s up to you to adapt!