Do we ever escape the need to escape?

Do we ever escape the need to escape?

Getting away, as a necessity

Before my very first trip, my best friend said it was just a headlong rush. For me, it was a simple desire to go on an adventure. But why did I want to escape? At the time, I was twenty years old and I took everyone by surprise by announcing that I was going to live in Australia for a few months. Why so far? Why take such a risk in the middle of my studies? Why go alone? Why not wait a bit. But above all, why? Let’s be honest two minutes, I didn’t need anyone to ask me these questions. And yet, a few months later everything was arranged, the tickets bought and my buttocks cramped on the plane.

Six years later, back from New Zealand, I still wonder. Why? My boyfriend and I left for a month to tour the South Island of New Zealand. This country is sublime and as we expected, we met a good number of travelers. Backpackers. So why are these old questions suddenly surfacing again? The answer turns out to be quite simple in reality: I saw myself in these young backpackers. For them, everything was extraordinary and they lived the adventure of their lives. As if they thought they were modern Indiana Jones. Indy with a roof over your head every night and wifi.

Understand the myth

I am an expat for less than thirty years and I am surrounded by people of my age who travel constantly. Going far does not seem to me anything exceptional. I would almost say that it becomes, banal? Drinking games are played on the countries visited, we take the plane for barely a weekend and we scratch the countries visited as if it were an accomplishment.

This need for escape to consume on the spot or to take away appeals to me. Where is he from ? Some escape through art, entertainment of all kinds. My generation seems to enjoy traveling and uprooting. He now comes to understand what makes you flee. The obvious answer could be everyday. Rather vague. We tend to be more educated, more aware of the world around us. Also stifled by the expectations and responsibilities for which no one is really prepared. So much reinvented and escape from a hyper urbanized and codified western world.

So I forgive myself for having dreamed in a very naive way. Too naive. I was twenty and still had an adventure. On my scale. I will therefore let my fellow travelers benefit from their experience. They will become an old woman who rambles like me.

Sometimes we feel the need to flee, to escape, to get lost. But other times, we get lost without wanting to, at random from an excess.

Françoise Sagan, Bonjour tristesse